Notice to all Players



The Match Committee controls all competitions and reserves the right to change dates,

cancel or otherwise vary any competition.


Golf Patrons and members under the age of 18 years are permitted in the bar, but may

NOT purchase alcohol. The club supports Responsible Service of Alcohol & Gambling.

Proof of age must be produced upon request. In accordance with liquor licensing junior

golf members are considered exempt.


Complaints should be made in writing to the Secretary/Manager of the Carpentaria Golf

Club, who will submit them to the general committee. No employee of the Carpentaria

Golf Club may be directly reprimanded by a member.


The Carpentaria Golf Club seeks to maintain a safe working environment in line with

the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. To help prevent injury to staff from golf balls, the

following procedures should be followed:

Fairways and Rough: Golfers must wait for an approaching mower or vehicle to pass

behind or out of range before playing their shots. Golfers may be called on by the

operator to play their shots.

Greens: When the flag has been removed, the green is out of play. Golfers must not hit

to the green until the flag has been replaced and the green is cleared.

Damage to adjoining property: Players should report to management immediately upon

completion of their round any apparent damage by golf balls to adjoining property or

passing vehicles.


Members and their guests are expected to maintain a

neat tidy appearance when visiting Carpentaria Golf

Club. Final say on dress code remains at manager’s


On the course itself it is expected that members and

guests wear appropriate golfing attire including collared

shirts, dress shorts, skort/skirts or pants and closedin

shoes. Thongs, sandals, slides and “Crocs” are not

considered appropriate footwear as they do not provide

enough protection.



1. No more than 4 persons to a group.

2. Strictly NO BYO alcohol on course under ANY circumstances. Our premises are

licensed throughout, therefore responsible service applies over the entire property.

3. It is compulsory for all players to carry a sand bucket and fill in any divots during play.

Players must ensure pug marks on greens are repaired before proceeding to the next


4. On completion of a hole, all players should leave the green immediately scorecards

should be marked at the next tee.

5. Before leaving a bunker, the player should repair the area carefully before replacing

the rake in the centre of the bunker parallel to the fairway.

6. Players to ensure no damage to the putting surface when replacing the flagstick.

Care should also be taken not to damage the hole by standing too close when

handling the flagstick and replacing when finished the hole.

7. Players using golf carts should show consideration to players on foot by not

advancing too far ahead of play unless they are searching for golf balls.

8. SLOW PLAY – The Match Committee sets the pace of play guidelines. If a player

unduly delays play, scoring penalties via the addition of strokes to score may be


9. SLOW PLAY – If you have doubt about finding your ball, hit a provisional ball

immediately. Before looking for the lost ball, other players in your group should

hit their next shot, call up any group following, then assist in the search. Five (5)

minutes is the maximum for any search.

10. Time can be saved by marking your card after you have hit off from the next tee. Your

position in the field should be directly behind the group in front of you.

11. Play must commence from the first tee unless otherwise directed by the match

committee. When a competition under the control of the match committee is in

progress, a member who is not taking part may only play where directed by the

starter. The starter has sole discretion on the order of play and may adjust the event

starter sheets as required.

12. Events – Members may invite players from affiliated clubs to play with them in

events upon payment of the appropriate green fee.

13. Personal property – The Carpentaria Golf Club is NOT responsible for the loss of

any property, damage to property or injury to any person on or about premises,

although we will take all care to avoid any such incident from occurring. It is strongly

recommended that players clarify their own insurance cover, particularly in relation

to personal equipment and use of motorised carts.

14. Competitions require a minimum of 3 players to a group, match committee shall have ultimate discretion with all decisions in relation to this.

Note: As part of their Golf Australia Capitation/Affiliation members receive limited

personal liability cover during normal golfing activities on all golf courses within